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If you would like to apply for a more customised program 

Spend three days with us and discover exactly how to approach any girl you see in your everyday life.

Here’s What You’ll Get At Our 3-Day Attraction Bootcamp

  • A new and proven method to meeting any woman in any situation.
  • Breakthrough exercises to tackle fear at the source and eliminate approach anxiety for good.
  • Real-time feedback on your approaches from a professional dating coach as your personal mentor.
  • ​Complete Self Reliance in terms of dating, no more depending on social circle or friends to get a date.
  • Our “All Or Nothing” Guarantee that will return your entire investment after the boot camp if you didn’t see an improvement.
Day One
Opening & Dealing with Social Anxiety.
Learn How to approach beautiful girls in any environment: Dancefloor, Malls, Bars, Streets, Café, Restaurants, and even your gym.

The first day we shall focus on eradicating some of your deep irrational fears including approach anxiety, deep seated insecurities and social conditioning. Our main objective is turn you into an approaching machine who fears nothing.
We Shall aim to make you self-reliant so for the first day we focus on eradicating most of your fears like approach anxiety and fear of rejection by making you do certain comfort-shattering activities which make you more feel more self-confident, also it is noted that half of the fears arise when you don't know what to do in a certain situation and with the help of our professional coaches we will teach you the exact steps required by demonstrating and then making you implement it.
Day Two
Verbal Game and Steps for Always Be Closing!
The Second day we shall focus more on shifting your verbal play and teach you how to be a more effective communicator with women by using your body language, your voice tonality and your facial expressions apart from that we will also teach you certain principles of the ‘GAME’ which will help you follow our ABC strategy which simply means always be closing, we do not want you too loose out on any prospect of learning so ABC is an important strategy. 

It does not matter how you look, how much money you have in your accounts, all what matters is the right mindset and the sheer will to transform and take action!

We take you out and give you a five-step conversational framework so you can spark attraction and connection with any woman.You’ll always know what to say, don’t need a witty personality, don’t need to think on your feet, and you don’t need cheesy pickup lines, manufactured routines, or gimmicks.

You just need to be honest and use the framework we give you. Best part?
It only takes 3 minutes.

That’s it. It only takes 3 minutes to trigger deep attraction. I know what she actually wants. I’m not having random, meaningless, boring conversation. I’m simply directing the conversation so she starts chasing me.We Will Destroy Your Fear At The Source To Make “Approach Anxiety” Completely Irrelevant

Day Three
Detailed Breakdown and Moving Forward
The last day we provide you with a detailed a breakdown by showing you some of the footage and audio we recorded to tell you exactly where you are going wrong and how you can improve and work on your limiting factors, we also provide you with a plan that you should follow in order to get maximum results as per your lifestyle not only that we also help you understand about text game so you can text the girls you met during the bootcamp!

Check out the results for Yourself

He was 18, sold his guitar in order to take the program. He had no prior experience in approaching 'UKNOWN' women on the street, malls or cafe's. He took the first step to change his life and he did....! Look at the video for yourself and ask yourself if he can do it.. 

Why can't you?

Perhaps you think you are too old ...

It is the most common limiting belief which will hold you back from learning this.. a lot of people who are older than 35 might be in a state of learned helplessness which means because of following the wrong belief pattern for a while you have adjusted to that stage and you stop seeking growth, if you think that is the case for you.. it will form a lot of limiting beliefs in your head related to dating and women, so make sure you check out this video of a 
40 year old guy completely transforming his dating life in just 3 DAYS!

Whatever Excuse you may have

Either you are too old or too young, what I personally believe is this is a skill that can be learned by all, and everyone who applied for our live program gets results that are beyond their expectations! 

To tell you the truth, I have heard it all, I am too fat, too skinny, too short and I keep saying the same thing over and over again, yes we do work on your grooming however you have to understand most men do not understand what women are really attracted too, you might think they love your looks, money or your big house, but the reality is this is 20th century most women are self-sufficient and if they are into materialistic things lets be honest, no matter what level you reach there will always be someone who would have more money, better looks, etc, etc. You do not really want to target the women who go after money, there are some sure but not the vast majority! 

My point being, this is a skill that can be learned like any other for example playing the guitar, the piano or learning how to ride a by-cycle. For some of you it might not seem so now, but once you learn the skill you will realise how it can help you in having better relationships with everyone, this skill of approaching women will lead you into a self-actualisation journey where you will grow and become more confident and have a higher self-esteem!






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Immersion Boot-Camps 

Full Month of April 
Night Game Expert Training
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(8 Night Game sessions x 4 in-depth sessions)

TBA Dec. 2021 - TBA Dec. 2021
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