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Have you ever had a moment where you thought about your dating life and just felt helpless because nothing works for you?

You feel lonely and anxious because you have been trying to do everything alone

… from approaching women to trying to figure out online dating but nothing is getting you the results that you desire!

You’re not alone, even I've had my moments.

And so did Saksham.

He’s a subscriber on YouTube and in one of those low moments, he sent me this mail a few months ago.
And that single email changed Sakskam's life … but more on that later.

What I can guarantee right now is that…

This is the last time you are seeking help for your dating life. 

In this personalized coaching program ...

I am going to show you the exact way to get the girls you desire by understanding YOUR lifestyle, your strengths, your weaknesses and your goals.

I will break down the entire process into small and simple steps that take you closer to your goals everyday.

In short, I will help you be a man who is happy and satisfied with the kind of relationship he has with women, be it a soul satisfying monogamous relationship or happy life with multiple partners.

So click on the button below and get on a call with me to see how we can make your dream dating life a reality!

I am here to SUPPORT YOU.

And that single email changed Sakskam's life … but more on that later.

What I can guarantee right now is that…

It does not matter if you are new to the world of dating or you have been struggling to get back into dating after a divorce …

Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources I share in personalized coaching will inspire deep, meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.

I have been helping men improve their dating life for more than 5 years now.

I understand the feelings that you go through …

From problems like feeling that you are not good looking enough to the feeling of worthlessness after a divorce …

I have successfully helped men to break the chains of under confidence and take control of their life and accomplish their dating goals.

And since I will be coming up with a program specifically for you after talking to you and understanding your lifestyle

You’ll know exactly what to do at each step of your dating life.

  • You’ll know exactly how and where you can meet the kind of girls you like in your day to day life.
  • You’ll know exactly what kind of conversations you should be having with women according to your personality.
  • You’ll know exactly what is holding you back and a simple step by step approach to get over it.

Now I know what YOU'RE THINKING …

Will I be able to help you…? 

I hear you and that is a genuine problem … there is a complete lack of standards in the coaching industry when it comes to dating.

After all anybody who understands marketing, has some life experience and has access to the internet can declare himself a dating expert.

Well, lemme tell you something about us ...

In the past 5 years, all the business I have generated is through word of mouth.

We have invested in no ads...

No paid marketing...

All because of the quality of our content and the results we deliver.

So lemme tell you exactly how we are going to accomplish your dating goals ...

The 3 Stages of Personalised Coaching - 

Stage 1 - The Foundation

First of all, we’ll work on your personality - from your fashion sense to your hairstyle.

I’ll also share a grooming regimen suited to your lifestyle.

You’ll learn systems and processes that can be automated using “habit-anchoring” to help you live a well balanced and a happy life.

We’ll be working on rewiring your belief system and start developing new habits that can support the fast pace of your growth.

We will get rid of your insecurities and limiting beliefs

for example ...

  • Some of you feel like you have nothing to offer to a girl or you are engulfed by a feeling of worthlessness after a divorce … I’ll help you discover what you actually have to offer to a girl, I’ll help you with self-confidence building exercises, understanding strengths and teach you how to present them.
  • ​Or if you feel that you are not good looking enough, maybe you’re short or facing hair fall issues, I’ll help you rewire your belief system with internal self affirming and habit building exercises to external exercises like personalized grooming tips that suit your lifestyle, helping you in selecting the right hairstyle, wardrobe, etc.
  • I’ll teach you one of the most important skill you’ll ever learn … self-accountability. 
Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle to get good results even though they know about every single thing they need to do?

We’ll the reason is not everyone is able to understand their own flaws and keep themselves on track to success.

I am going to be by your side and share the exact strategy that has proven to be successful for all my clients so you can be assured that success is not getting away from you this time!

Once we have established a solid foundation, we’ll start focusing on fast paced growth.

Stage 2 - Dating strategy

At this stage we’ll be working on your core dating life.

I will create a personalized dating strategy for you depending on your lifestyle, finances and day to day schedule.

If needed, I’ll also get your online dating profile created by my team which successfully creates all profiles for our Online Dating Profile Creation Program.

I’ll teach you skills for approaching women according to your lifestyle be it during the day, in the night clubs, in your social circle and online.

I’ll also breakdown your texts and audio recordings of approaches so you know the exact mistakes you are making and improve in the most efficient way.

I’ll teach you simple ways to overcome problems like …

  • Letting the girl go because you have nothing to say …
  • Unable to escalate relationships sexually and landing in friendzone …
  • ​Not getting matches and losing girls because of your texting...
Not just that, I will teach you about female psychology and help you build a positive frame of reference experience with girls and help you overcome your negative beliefs about Indian girls and India as a “super-conservative” country.
  • Indian girls are NOT arrogant,
  • Indian girls are NOT entitled,
  • ​Indian girls are NOT unfriendly...

They are not just attracted to guys with money, social status, power

I help you understand where their behaviors steam from and teach you how to accept them and how to have a positive dating experience with them.

Even if you think that you don’t have enough money or you lag behind when it comes to your social circle, I’ll help you how to get out of that vicious cycle.
I wish I could tell you more about it but the truth is, as of now, I don’t know you …

… And this program is so personalized that once you talk, you’ll know exactly what plan we create FOR YOU and what more you will learn at this stage.

Stage 3 - Shooting for the stars

When you started reading this page ...
I told you this is the last time you are seeking help for your dating life …?

Well, in this stage we’ll be polishing off the rough edges and learning the advanced skills to help you with your dating life.

I’ll help you optimize your online dating profile, and cold approach pickup strategies to change your opportunity matrix.

I’ll teach you how to spot recurring problems and help you break down all your negative cycles.

You’ll also learn, understand and change your belief patterns and your action taking patterns - both positive and negative.

Lastly, I’ll share the most important thing that I can ever teach you.

I’ll help you become self-dependent and make you capable enough to get the girls that YOU ACTUALLY LIKE.
By this time, you’ll have learnt and practiced your new skills quite a few times so in this stage I’ll help you tailor your dating life as you like it so you are able to date the girls that you actually want by teaching you how to be consistent with your actions.

With that, I’ll also teach you habit building and build habits together so you can have a very clear understanding about the process of habit building.

You might be thinking, “that’s all good but how much does it cost?”

Well, like I said it’s a personalized program and it depends on what your goals are and how much support you need to achieve them.

But regardless, we always make sure to work within the client’s budget and lifestyle, so that is not going to be a problem for you!
And yes, your comfort zone is right. This won’t work for you if you want to stay in your comfort zone and want the results to magically appear out of thin air.

But …

If you actually want to improve, I’d like to tell you this …

During this program it’ll be you and me. We both will be working on your future self and everything will be according to your lifestyle.

So the question of “will this work for me?” does not apply at all.

This program will work for you because it’ll be tailored for you personally!

Or your comfort zone might tell you that “this won’t work for you”

How is this program different from Mentorship and Content on Youtube?

Look, I’ve built a reputation in India’s Men’s Dating Space as someone that “tells it like it is” and who does not water down knowledge.
So, I’ll just say it like this:

I respect the thousands of brothers I have earned  through TheBroThing and the LAST thing I’d do is to repackage the content you can get for free or elsewhere.

That’s not how I roll.

This program is not recorded, this is not any kind of webinar where there will be many people.

This is just going to be you and I over a video call and I’ll be your personal wingman in dating and in life.

I’ll help you get over all the difficulties in life that are in turn affecting your dating life.

You can be assured, there is no other program out there that is tailored for you like this one.

this is the call that might change your life, Just like these guys  

Now I know, the idea of taking this journey of self improvement might sound scary...

You might be thinking about all the effort you’ll have to put in …

Or you might be self-doubting out of fear and thinking “Will this help me with my exact problem … like unable to sexually escalate conversations?”

To you, I say, obviously yes, I’ll help you with exact specific problems but the truth is you know that’s not your problem.

The real problem is not being able to take action and I understand.

It’s overwhelming, it’s hard and sometimes confusing.

But you know, anything that is “worth it”, takes time.

The view is always good from the top but you gotta climb.

And the climb does not have to be difficult … It can be a beautiful hike on a mountain to reach your summit.

All I need to know is you are someone who is serious about achieving your goals - because I can make your journey shorter, easier and filled with fun.
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