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Get Online Dating Secrets!

I know, it can be difficult ...

You see all the girls on the dating apps and they are almost within your reach ...

and the very few matches you get don't lead to the kind of dating life you want!

This Is the Solution!


With this secret knowledge, the only problem you'll face is managing multiple women! (& I have shared solution to that too)

I'm Arunav Gupta and I used to suck at online dating...

The first year and a half on my journey of learning pick up,
I ignored online dating.

Even though I was getting results from cold approach, I was still not convinced by online dating because of one single reason …

I thought I needed to be good looking to get matches and I looked like this -
But then I saw my friend.

He was getting way hotter women than me from online dating and I considered him ugly too.

I started to break down the world of online dating and dating apps.

Soon, I realized how to get matches on dating apps …
  • ​You don’t have to be good looking …
  • ​​​You don’t have to show off fancy cars …
  • ​​You don’t have to have a chiseled body …


You just need to create a profile that …

  • Shows off your true personality
  • Targets the kind of girls you want
I know, it’s easier said than done and that’s why I have been researching, experimenting, and trying out new things with just one single purpose …

How YOU CAN CREATE your profile without any help and get at least 5 matches a day ...

And that’s why I never released any online dating course all these years.

I want this course to be your last course on dominating online dating and here is how it has been presented...

Module 1 (4 Videos)

Entering the Matrix

In this 4 video module, you’ll break all the perceptions you had towards online dating.

I will install new beliefs and frameworks in your mind that will help you get the mindset needed to have a successful online dating life.

And then I’ll help you choose the right platforms to be on so that you don’t waste time trying all the platforms out there …

And at the same time, don’t miss out on hot matches from any apps!

Module 2 (9 Videos)

Learning The Secrets

This is where I reveal the #1 secret no dating coach has ever shared!

And this is the most important ingredient in your profile story to get the girls YOU like - the girls YOU want!

With that secret out of the box, you’ll learn everything about profile creation.

And when I say everything - I got your back.

Even if you are someone who does not know how to pose in front of the camera … I have a video on that too.

Module 3 (3 Videos)

Secrets of the Algorithm

Here I’ll reveal the secrets of the algorithm and how you can use it to your advantage.

I’ll share a list of behaviors that get you shadow banned!

Never do that because once you are shadow banned - that profile is dead.

I’ll also tell you which paid features are worth it and which ones are a waste of money!

With that out of the way, we’ll dive into case studies … both good and bad

This is probably my favorite section of the entire program.

Here is where you and I get to mock the wannabes and learn from their mistakes in just a few minutes.

DO NOT be one of them. Girls HATE them.

I’ll also share BOSS-LIKE profiles which will help you create your profile and get you going out with girls left and right.

I know how frustrating it can be when it comes to getting your pictures clicked.

You start getting self-conscious, you feel unsure about your poses and body language and in the end ...
you are never satisfied by the picture.

PICTURES ARE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, and in your case, it determines if you get laid.

I’m going to tell you exactly what to do, especially what NOT to do, and I'll teach you how to make her respond the way YOU want!
  • How to come up with picture ideas
  • How to come up with a profile story that shares your personality
  • ​​How to decide the clothing ideas for the profile story
  • ​​Grooming checklist before the shoot
  • ​​How to find locations for the shoot (even if you think you don’t have access to any places)
  • ​​Getting the right photographer/wing for the shoot
  • ​​How to execute the photoshoot with or without the photographer
  • ​​How to pose in front of the camera
  • ​​How to create a perfect environment for the shoot
  • ​​Components that make a perfect online dating picture
  • ​​One secret video that shows how we do photoshoots at TBT

And All That’s Just Related To The Photoshoot.
Apart From That, I’ll Also Share …

  • Simple picture editing process &
  • Bio writing guide with examples
Once you go through this module, you’ll never feel anxious about creating an online dating profile!

Look at what these guys have to say about the Online Dating Secrets

Module 4 (5 videos)

You will love this module - This is where YOU GET LAID

I teach you how to test and optimize your own profile - you’ll never have to go on YouTube and search anything about profiles - it’ll all be in your head.

I’ll also answer the question -


It’s VERY important, but maybe not for the reasons you might think.

I’ll teach you an advanced texting method that’ll increase her investment by 80%

You will be writing a few lines while she’ll be sending you long paragraphs!

This method will show you how to excel at the art messaging back and forth and GETTING HER NUMBER.

Unlike what you think, it is still the Holy Grail of Online “Turn Stranger Into Someone I Like”.

It will set the tone for the initial interaction and will keep her interested.

Imagine the feeling you’ll get when a girl will invest so much in you - that’s what this texting method will get you.

And I’ll teach you how to automate the process.

I will share how automation does all the work for me, once I select the girls I like, I literally have the automation get the girls for me.

Zero extra effort on my part and I can just enjoy the benefits.

Lastly, I’ll Teach You WHAT TO SAY ON THE PHONE

You’ll learn how to talk to her, how to be emotionally engaging, and create a fun environment over the call and after that she’ll look forward to meeting you!

And I’ll share one secret that’ll bring the girl closer to you and will drastically increase her attraction and comfort levels

No one is taking advantage of this - but you will.

This one secret will reduce your flakes by 90%!

Module 5 (3 videos)

This is where we get the job done. In a painstakingly detailed format ...

  - How to set up the date?
  - How to dress up for the date?
  - Where and how to meet up with her? (Unique date ideas)

What to say in the first few minutes ... how to keep it man to woman … how to turn her on ...

And how to avoid any bullshit that might get in the way of having sex that same night!

We’ll cover everything - This is where you’ll know exactly how to get laid.

Module 6 (4 videos)

This is where you become the real boss.

By the time you reach this section, you’ll already have a lot of knowledge about online dating - but in this section …


Here, I’ll reveal a bunch of secrets that will remain between you and me.

I’ll share the Do’s and Dont’s of the online dating world.

Most guys are not even aware of these small mistakes that cost them hot matches.

If You Want High-Quality Girls - Module 6 Is For You

I’ll also share unofficial tips and hacks to give you an unfair advantage over all the other guys on the app.

And once you have the expert level of knowledge …

I’ll teach you something amazing.

I have a consistent rotation of women whom I’ve slept with from the Internet, and there’s a particular way to keep them on as fuck buddies for months to come.

Here’s I show you exactly how to do it.


I’m not kidding. It can become extremely easy to get lost in a deep sea of sex …

But here I make sure your life stays balanced and I’ll share my personal strategy of managing multiple women via a free and simple tool.

And with this out of the way …

We’ll enter the fun zone.

Everything Will Be On Automation

Trust me, having a lot of women in life can get boring! ... and if you don’t keep things fun … 

You’ll get bored easily and there’s a chance you can turn into a Buddhist monk … leaving behind all your earthy, materialistic desires!

I’ll share how TheBroThing Team and I keep the environment fun and light-hearted.

I’ll break down how we came up with a stupid idea for a dating profile and it WORKED!

If I tell you the crazy idea … you’ll never believe - you gotta see it to believe it.

I’ll also share a fun video that shows exactly how is life for a girl on online dating apps and you, TheBroThing team, and I will share some laughter together!


This bonus shares how dating, especially online dating has changed post-pandemic and what you need to do to get a competitive edge over everyone else.

I’ll teach you how to stay safe and get laid during this time.

And you’ll learn text and phone game calibration for this strange time.

This bonus will make getting laid post-pandemic like a walk in the park!


This bonus will make you a Texting God!

By now, you already know everything that is to know about online dating and texting … 

But in this module … I’ll teach you Cold Approach Texting!

Here, I’ll share …
  • Difference between online and cold approach texting
  • ​When to send the first text and what to send
  • ​​Back and forth texting
  • ​​When to call and what to talk about
  • ​How to set up the date
  • ​​Examples of cold approach texting

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