Start GETTING LAID from Tinder/Bumble even if you think you are NOT GOOD LOOKING.

Get matches within 72 HOURS

On a fine morning, you take out your phone, open Bumble or Tinder and you start swiping...

Right, Right, Right, Left, Right … and so on…

Then you notice a girl.

She’s beautiful ... a TEN.

She’s got a witty bio and as your swipe right on her, you wish from the bottom of your heart that she becomes your match!

You know it would be amazing for her to go on a date with you.

You have the skills to impress her in person but …

She can’t meet you until you guys match on the app!

You keep swiping on other girls, keep your phone away and get busy with your day.

During the day, your phone vibrates. You get anxious to check if it’s a notification from Tinder/Bumble.

Unfortunately, it’s just a normal message from a friend or some guy trying to sell you something.

At the back of your mind, you still remember her … YOU WANT THAT MATCH!

The day goes on and when you get free by the evening, you check Tinder/Bumble once again…

Maybe … just maybe God might have answered your prayer.

And then the truth hits you.

Forget “That” girl … you don’t even have a single match.

God never answers to your prayers ...

Your heart is filled with feelings of desperation and disappointment.

You can’t seem to figure out why you don’t get matches.

You swipe some more and notice girls that you wouldn’t even go out with … but even they are not swiping right on you!

You start questioning yourself … you start doubting yourself…

“Am I that ugly..? Do I look like some loser or what? … Why are all girls swiping left on me..?”

Lemme answer that for you ...


How do I know that? ... well, beauty is a matter of perspective.

Some girl that might be a 10 for me, you might not even like her!

Maybe you like short and cute girls and I might like the tall ones.

However you look, there are girls who will be attracted to you…


The only crime you are accused of is not having a profile that -
  • Stands Out
  • Tells a Story
  • Targets Girls Your Like

What’s your profile like right now …?

Chances are, you are already using good enough photos.

But ask yourself …

Does the first picture help you stand out from the crowd?

Girls swipe left a lot and sometimes they just swipe left out of habit!

Your first picture needs to command attention.

Your first picture needs to make her thumb stop … eyes glued to the phone and make her think … “Wait a minute, this is nice … who is this guy?”

Then comes the Profile Story.

Let’s say you’re successful with your first picture. It’s amazing.

Take a look at your profile once again and ask yourself …

Are the other pictures good enough to follow that first picture?

Because if she sees a picture where you don’t meet the standards you have set in the first picture … she’s gonna swipe left.

And most importantly, does your profile share a story ABOUT YOU?

And the Biggest Question Of Them All …

The reason why we started this conversation …

Are you targeting “That” girl? ...

Have you made your profile that attracts the girls YOU LIKE? ...

Did you think about the kind of girls you like while creating it? …

I understand … all this can be really overwhelming.

Back in the day, it took me almost a year to figure things out.

But you don’t have to wait for a year!

You can start getting matches within a week.

Yup, you heard me right.

You’ll start getting matches in 3 days.
I’ll create your profile and ...

I’ll put in everything I have learned from my 1 year of my personal struggle and 3 years of TheBroThing’s Team research into it.

First of all, I’ll get to know you.

Then I’ll create a profile story FOR YOU - something that shows off your personality and attracts the kind of girls you want.

I’ll also give you the right clothing ideas for the pictures.

Once that is done, I along with my team, will come up with picture ideas for your dating profile.

With that out of the way, a photo shoot will be planned.

Our skilled photographer will execute the profile story idea and click 6 perfect pictures to go on your dating profile.

I’ll get the pictures edited as per the requirement and the last step will be the creation of a bio.

I’ll create a bio for your Bumble and Tinder profile that'll present you in a fun way and attract the girls you like.

So basically you'll get ...

  • Profile Story
  • ​Clothing Ideas & Advice
  • ​Picture Ideas
  • ​​One Day Photo Shoot Session w/photographer
  • ​​6 Well Edited Pictures
  • ​Bio
  • ​Bumble Prompts

I Know, You Have Had A Bad Experience With Online Dating Apps

I can understand the frustration and at times, it stops you from doing the right thing with tons of excuses.

For example, the voice that holds you back might say …

I don’t have nice clothes …

The truth is, it does not matter.

We have created profiles with basic clothing.

All I might ask you to buy is a t-shirt, jeans or a pair of shoes - which don’t have to be expensive - something simple and clean works.
Or you might think … I don’t have access to any location for the photoshoot …

Again, that’s just the voice of the miserable comfort zone that does not want you to move on.

I have done successful photoshoots during the covid-19 lockdown amidst all the restrictions while taking all precautions.

All you gotta do is think out of the box - once you and I discuss, you’ll notice locations pop up everywhere.

The most important thing is figuring out the Profile Story.
Everything else is a cakewalk from there.
You can change how you have experienced online dating all this time.
I know what you’re wondering … “But I don’t live in Delhi … Will TheBroThing provide me this service?”

Well, no matter where you live, this service is available ALL OVER INDIA and ...

If you live outside India … in countries like USA, France, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, etc...

On special demand we do help people via Skype/Zoom and help them execute the photoshoot step by step.
You can be a guy who gets 5 to 10 matches a day - all you have to do is break free of the voices that are holding you back and take action!

God helps those who help themselves and today, you’ve got two choices

You can go through the whole struggle ALONE...

  • Testing different ways to show off your personality …
  • ​Making massive efforts in arranging a photoshoot, again and again …
  • ​​​Coming up with fun ​picture ideas …
  • ​Investing time in figuring out the right bio …
  • Selecting the right clothing ideas for the shoot...

Or YOU CAN take the simple, easy & time saving way by having the knowledge and support of ME & MY ENTIRE TEAM.

You’ll have a professional photographer who knows what he is doing and what’s needed for online dating pictures.

Your bio will be created by a team that has been coming up with successful and out of the box profile bios for 4 years now.

Your picture ideas will come from an experienced team that excels in it - not one or two but 5 creative minds will be working for the most appealing picture ideas.

I’ll personally oversee the entire process and anytime I have a shadow of a doubt - we come up with a completely new idea.

Those are your two choices...


Save time and start getting laid or invest time and miss out on all the amazing girls looking for a date online?

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