Change Your Dating Life With our 12-Week Online Coaching Program
Change Your Dating Life With our 12-Week Online Coaching Program
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You see a beautiful girl, you get nervous just thinking about her, at this point of time you have not even thought of approaching her but even her presence makes you sort of anxious, you look at the floor and walk by feeling pressured for no reason, deep down inside you know you want her, you want to talk to her, approach her and attract her but the nervousness and the awkward eye contact ruins it for you... 
You are unable to approach, so you watch videos and finally get the inspiration of approaching women, then you start approaching however, women of lower caliber (DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT) and even then once you approach the things you saw in the videos, do not work, either it's too incongruent to who you are as a person and the girl figures it out or either even before that you eject from the conversation because you don't really know what to do next...

OR have you ever been matched with your dream girl and you ruin it...

You match with your perfect 10, you send her an opening message but she replied with a single word, you start talking and she seems to be retreating, or maybe you met a girl, got her number and texted her a few times only to realise she has blocked you or is spreading rumours that you are chasing her if she is from your social circle, you are unable to figure out what's wrong and where did it go downhill, in that case mentorship 2.0 is just the course for you!
Week One
Opening & Dealing with Social Anxiety VALUE 
Learn How to approach beautiful girls in any environment: Dancefloor, Malls, Bars, Streets, Café, Restaurants, and even your gym.

The first week we shall focus on eradicating some of your deep irrational fears including approach anxiety, deep seated insecurities and social conditioning. Our main objective is turn you into an approaching machine who fears nothing.
Week Two
Verbal Game Mastery – Never run out of ATTRACTIVE things to say 
During this week, you will learn the secrets of being a magnetic storyteller who will be able to easily engage & relate with people.

This also means no more freezing in front of women who you think are “OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE.” We will bring those angels back to the ground and make sure you start viewing them as humans and loose the inferiority complex.

Verbal game can also help you in your work space, deal with clients, and become more persuasive to women.

Imagine just seducing her with your verbals and creating sexual tension. Never land in awkward moments on first dates again.
Week Three
Importance of Clothing/Grooming
TheBroThing Mentoring, Week 1
  • We’ll teach you the 3 important aspects to look for in every piece of clothes that you buy.
  • Show you the styles that convey the most status and sex worthy vibe. DON’T blindly follow the latest trends.
  • Grooming is important because how can she take you seriously if you look like you don't even respect yourself enough to take care of yourself.
  • ​We’ll teach you the daily/weekly/monthly grooming routines, that hardly take anytime but pay great dividends.
Week Four
Vibing and Leading
We’ll teach you the concept of escalating the right way, which has 2 parts to it that go hand in hand: Vibing and Leading.

We’ll teach you the mindset and techniques of creating the right kind of sexual but fun vibe, and how to use that to lead her towards getting sexual with you in a way that she’ll love.

Hell, if done right, she may love it so much, she may be the one asking you to take her home with you.
Week Five
Advance Texting Concepts
During this week, you will learn how to use texting as a weapon of seduction. If you think text game is not as important, think again!

All those times a girl flaked on you can now be avoided if you have good text game.
  • 3 lucky people will have their texts broken down live.
  •  I will also show live case study for text breakdown from my personal archives ranging from supermodels to college girls, teaching you the difference between texting techniques and also how to understand a girls framework and text accordingly.
There is a right way of doing things and a wrong way. These texting principles will also help you and won’t let you fall in a downward emotional spirals that happens when most of the women start flaking on you.

Text is such a personal thing for many people that they are scared of taking advice from anyone because they might have sent embarrassing texts or may feel judged by their friends. That’s why I am here! Giving you professional non-judgmental insight in your text game.
Week Six
Developing Strong Mental Foundation: Building Inner Game
Inner game is the foremost foundation of pickup. Learning outer game techniques can help convey the message that you have strong inner game. However, in order to stay truly congruent to yourself and stop going into downward spirals, one must develop solid inner game.

It helps you overcome shit-tests and other obstacles that come across the way, and changes your mindset which makes it easier for you to progress in game.

One of the best proven ways to Demonstrate Higher Value (DHV) is to overcome one’s insecurities and re-frame negative thought pattern.

It helps you build bulletproof confidence. And once you know your true value, you are not affected by rejections.

Build your inner game to a point where you don’t feel approach anxiety but you will do injustice not to approach when you see a beautiful girl because you know you can be a valuable addition to her life.

Feel that you’re enough and overcome self-entitlement issues.
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Week Seven
Night Game Expert Secrets
Meeting girls in loud music and high stimulus environment can be a nightmare for most introverts. During this week, you will learn to love the process and do it the right way!

I will personally show you my exclusive infields.

This will cover topics ranging from how to open on the dance floor to how to open at tables to how to target high value girls, and so much more.

The concept of seeding social proof in the pubs and clubs you frequent.

How to deal with bitchy girls in the night time environment.

How to avoid conflicts or fights and do pickup in a subtle way.

How to deal with tensed situations and handle hostile cockblockers.

How to cockblock guys and steal their girl.
Week Eight
Her Social Environment & Logistics 
Girls, especially hot girls, are rarely alone. Most of the time, if they aren’t at their workplace, or at home, or shopping, they’re hanging out with friends, or on a date. So, if you only go for girls that are alone, you’re going to severely limit your options.

This week we’ll teach you how to become the leader of the vibe of the group, and how to use that to get the girl that you want.
Week Nine
Non-Verbal Communication
Your non-verbals, i.e. the way you move your face and body, and the way you use your voice, can convey a LOT more information in a lot shorter span of time. So, you can use this information to drastically speed up the process of generating attraction and leading the interaction to where you want it to go.

But, we’re going to go further than that.

Non-verbal mastery isn’t just about what you convey about yourself, but also about what you can “read” about the girl’s mindset and emotional state, by reading her non-verbals. You can use this information to calibrate your game to maximize the results AND to come up with more emotionally provocative and exciting things to talk about.
Week Ten
The Dating World, as the Girl Sees It.
Problem solving is an important skill to have in game. If the interaction isn’t going the way you want it to, you’ve to find the objection and employ some problem solving skills.

But the biggest issue with this is most guys are trying to solve the WRONG PROBLEMS! Due to a girls' desire to avoid any conflict, they will not always tell you exactly what’s stopping them from moving the interaction forward, or in a more sexual direction. Hell, most of the time they don’t understand it themselves.

That’s why you need to see how a girl sees the dating field, and the psychology and the underlying emotions behind this world-view.

That way you understand EXACTLY what the blockage is, whether she verbalises it or not, and then you can effectively solve the objection.
Week Eleven
Dealing with Objections.
The ability of reading the girl’s non-verbals and having a good idea of how the girl sees the dating field, it leaves you in the right position to problem solve and remove any blockages that’d prevent you from moving forward. This week, we teach you the most effective way to deal with those blockages.

The best time to deal with a blockage is before it even arises. We’ll show you how to do exactly that.

However, sometimes a blockage may slip in without you noticing, or she’s has a blockage that’s unique to her situation. There are some very effective ways to deal with them, and this week we’ll cover that too.
Week Twelve
Long Term Relationships.
Perhaps your goal with taking this program is you want a long term relationship with a girl who’s attractive, inside and out

Or perhaps you want to push this skill to the extreme — constantly seeking higher and higher levels of results i.e. more girls, hotter girls.

The skills and mindsets required for both of these goals have a lot of overlap. So, whatever your goal, you’ll find the information here invaluable.
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When it comes to dating, most people sell themselves short...

What i mean to tell you is most people overlook dating not realising it's a skill that they can learn about and improve, do not make the mistake of being in an unhappy relationship or selling yourself short and being with a women of lower caliber than you, not being with your most compatible companion is robbing yourself of an experience which simply improves your self-worth, self-esteem and your self-confidence, not to say will also help you skip those stressful nights where you have negative thoughts cause of feeling helpless, once learned this skill can open new doors for you and whatever you are seeking to achieve whether its one true love or being a master at this skill and having numerous casual relationships, this mentorship course will enable you to do so, it will teach you about the art of pickup with the help of infield footage and theoretical breakdowns and step by step mission guide to help you upgrade your skill.
Extremely Limited Time Offer!
limited spots available. This WILL sell out fast.
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