You see a beautiful girl, you get nervous just thinking about her...

Or when you meet her, her presence makes you sort of anxious, deep down inside you know you want her...

You want to talk to her, approach her but you are just not able to ... 

Because you don't know what to do next... what to talk to her...

Maybe you have watched videos and finally got the inspiration of approaching women, but sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't and you are unable to figure out what's wrong and where did it go downhill ...

Mentorship 2.0 is just the course for you


Week 1 - Dealing with
Social Anxiety 

Learn how to approach beautiful girls in any environment ... according to YOUR LIFESTYLE.

Dancefloor, malls, bars, streets, café, restaurants, and even your gym.

The first week we shall focus on eradicating some of your deep irrational fears including:

approach anxiety,
- deep seated insecurities and
- social conditioning.

Our main objective is turn you into a confident man who is secure and fears nothing.

Week 2 - Rewiring Your Mindset & Beliefs

During this week, you will learn how to recognize and overcome your limiting beliefs.

One of the major reason for under confidence is the belief patterns.

And your perceived sexual value in the dating world highly depends on how your belief patterns are.

You will learn how to create new habits and belief patterns and how to break the unwanted ones with help of exercises shared for the week.

Week 3 - Social Momentum,
Vibing & Leading

We’ll teach you the concept of escalating the right way, which has 2 parts to it that go hand in hand:

Vibing and Leading.

We’ll teach you the mindset and techniques of creating the right kind of fun and sexual vibe.

And you'll know how to create a "ball of energy" and sexually lead like a gentleman in a way that she’ll love.

To be honest, if done right, she may love it so much, she may be the one asking you to take her home with you.

Week 4 - Secrets to Successful Pick Up Sessions

This week is filled with PRACTICAL TIPS that you can use while talking to girls.

You get to learn about... 

- Sub-conscious communication, 
- Application of "ball of energy",
- Never running out of things to say and much more ...

This week will help you boost your results because with these practical tips...

You'll be able to overcome most of your major hurdles that are stopping your progress.

Week 5 - Simple & Efficient Approach Structure

Whether you have tried approaching women or it is your first time approaching strangers ...

I'll share a simple and most effective way of approaching women during :

- The Day (coffee shops, malls, streets, airport, etc.)
- The Night (bars, clubs, pubs, street game, etc.)

I talk you through how to create a social hook point which makes women happy to be seen with you rather than treating you like a stranger.

You'll also learn about how to create sexual hook point so you always know when the girl is comfortable in coming home with you.

I also share what to do in various scenarios, like :

- When to be empathetic?
- How to make her invest in the conversation?
- What to do if she starts to lose interest?
- What about people around you during an approach?


Week 6 - Have Killer Night Outs, Consistently

In this week you'll understand exactly ...

- What I do when I go out,
- Why I do certain things when I am out ...
- And how you can achieve same results.

I break down complete infield video of my night out.

- You'll see me get rejected & learn how to handle rejections.
- You'll see me approach girls & learn what I say.
- You'll see me managing my emotions and learn how to deal with chaos of night life

This video will clear all your doubts about night game.

Take a look at the impact this program has created

Week 7 - Importance of Fashion & Grooming

In this video you'll learn why fashion & grooming are important.

And I'll share tips that will help YOU look better instantly.

We’ll teach you the important aspects to look for in every piece of clothing you buy.

I also help you understand male grooming and the time saving and minimum effort tasks you can do to keep yourself looking good.

When you are well groomed, people take you seriously because it conveys you take yourself serious enough ...

... to take care of yourself!

It does not matter what your budget is or where you buy your fashion and grooming accessories from ...

All that matters is to understand and apply the basic principles I share with you.

Week 8 - Understanding Art of Texting Girls

During this week, you will learn how to text girls and use texting to get dates or directly call her to your place.

Most guys lose girls because after their awesome approach, they mess it all up in texting.

You'll never again have to hear lame excuses that you get from girls for not being able to meet you ...

With a good text game, you'll be able to manage multiple women and ...

I'll give you an exact script to get you started.

In addition to that ...

I'll share tips and practical advice on :

- How to restart a dead chat?
- What to send when you have nothing interesting to talk about?
- What should be the first message?
- How to maintain attraction over text?
- How to avoid friendzone while texting?
- and much more ..

This will get you started and prepare for the next week's video. 

Week 9 - Taking Advantage  Of Online Dating (2 parts)

In this week's video you get to learn about online dating and we'll go through my chats explaining how I use the last week's texting principles in action.

You'll learn the basics of online dating, how to create your profile, the do's & don'ts of online dating, how much to swipe, what kind of and how many pictures to upload, etc.

I'll also share the differences in texting someone on Tinder/Bumble and texting someone you met on street.

You'll also learn the mindset I am in when I am texting and how you can have the same mindset.

Week 9 - Match to Date With a Model (Texting Breakdown)

In this second part of the week 9 video...

You'll understand the natural flow of conversation between a girl and me.

I'll share how you can text any girl online and set up a date at your place.

It is an insightful look on how texting should be and what your approach should be when it comes to texting.

Week 10 - Taking Advantage Of Male Psychology

In the 10th week, I give you an insight into male psychology and how to take advantage of it.

This will help you in ...

- Getting entry into clubs.
- Managing situations in public.
- Dealing with a girl's male friends or brothers.
- Using other guy to increase your attraction game.
- "Borrowing" girl from the guy in any environment.

Once you'll understand how male psychology works and how it responds to validation spike, you'll never fear any guy while approaching girls. 

Week 11 - Principles In Motion (Number Close)

In the last 10 week's videos, I've shared every single thing you need to know to pick up any girl and live the dating life of your dreams.

With the last two videos, the goal is to practically show you what goes down in the field while approaching girls.

To bring the learnings of entire course together I breakdown an advanced infield in this 30 minute video.

This is where you'll learn how to deal with multiple objections and how to effectively get her number every single time. 

Week 12 - Taking A Girl Home

In this last video, I've shared exactly how you can bring girls home.

You'll see an entire breakdown of me approaching a girl and taking her home

This is what your game will look like and you'll easily understand how, what and why of my way of picking up girls.

You'll know what to do when pulling a girl to your place and I'll share practical tips that will be your checklist to bring any girl to your place any time YOU want.

When It Comes To Dating, Most People Sell Themselves Short...

What I mean to tell you is most people overlook their dating life ...

Not realizing it's a skill that they can learn about and improve upon.

Do not make the mistake of being in an unhappy relationship or selling yourself short and thinking you are not "good enough"

Not being with your most compatible companion is robbing yourself of an experience.

Improve your self-worth, self-esteem and your self-confidence, with this course.

This will not only help you skip feelings of helpless, loneliness and depression.

Once learned this skill can open new doors for you and whatever you are seeking to achieve whether...

Its true love or being a master at this skill and having numerous casual relationships.

This mentorship course will enable you to do so, it will teach you about the art of pickup with the help of infield footage and theoretical breakdowns and step by step mission guide to help you upgrade your skill.

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