A Step By Step Guide Decoding Online Dating Success

  • The 3 Question Formula for clicking the best pictures
  • 3 Simple Formulas to create a bio that attracts women
  • 4 Phase Texting Structure to get a date every single time

And you also get a breakdown of two profiles that get more than
15 matches per day - All you got to do is replicate them and

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Do you find it difficult ... ?

You see beautiful girls all around you, malls, clubs, colleges, workplace - yet when it comes to talking to them your feel uncomfortable.

A weird kind of nervousness takes over your body and speaking every single word becomes a struggle.

But it does not have to be that way!

There is already a guy within you who can attract any women you want.

All you gotta do is peel off the layers and unleash your true personality!

And I'm here to help you do that.


You Can Get The Same Results

You just have to start taking steps towards the dating life you want

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The ultimate 12 week course to help you attract women anywhere, anytime be it during the day or out in the clubs.
Packed with 12 Value-Packed sessions and Personalised webinars with our coach.
Online Dating Secrets
An intensive course that helps you start getting matches in online dating even if you think you are not good looking.
Vault 2.0
A course filled with core action taking advice to help you with Day Game, Night Game, Social Game & Online Dating - Perfect for beginners
Online Dating Profile Creation
Get your dating profile created by a team that excels in it and start getting matches within 72 hours!

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Our Courses

All the courses below are designed in a specific way to help you overcome your sticking points and get you the kind of dating life you've always wanted - be it a fulfilling relationship or enjoying life with multiple women

12 Week Mentorship

Action-based program with priority support from our head-coach Arunav

12 week structured program which will teach you all you need to dominate your dating life.

Mentorship covers everything that you'll ever need to get the dating life of your dreams.

It will help you restructure your inner belief system, teach you how to attract any woman, give you tools that make the process easy and it'll make sure you never have to ask for help ever again when it comes to dating women.

It covers Day Game, Night Game, High Status Communication, in-depth Unfiltered Infield Breakdowns and weekly missions which has to be completed by YOU.

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Online Dating Profile Creation Service

Start getting matches within 72 hours even if you have never been successful at online dating
  • Profile Story: A profile story that targets the girls you like and shows off your true personality created by Arunav and the whole team
  • Clothing Ideas & Advice: You will get clothing ideas for all the pictures according to your profile story
  • Picture Ideas: Your picture ideas will come from an experienced team that excels in it - not one or two but 5 creative minds will be working for the most appealing picture ideas.
  • ​Photoshoot With a Professional Photographer: You’ll have a professional photographer who knows what he is doing and what’s needed for online dating pictures.
  • ​6 Well Edited Pictures: Pictures will be edited in a way that works on dating apps. They won't be over edited but will make sure that you look at your best!
  • ​Bio for Tinder & Bumble: Your bio will be created by a team that has been coming up with successful and out of the box profile bios for 4 years now.
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Online Dating Secrets - (Pre-book Today!)

The most in-depth, simple and EASILY EXECUTIONABLE course on the internet!
  • How to come up with a profile story that shares your personality
  • ​How to come up with picture ideas according to profile story
  • Examples of profile stories to give you a better understanding
  • ​​How to decide the clothing ideas for the profile story
  • ​Grooming checklist before the shoot
  • ​​How to find locations for the shoot (even if you think you don’t have access to any places)
  • ​Components that make a perfect online dating picture
  • How to pose in front of the camera
  • ​Getting the right photographer/wing for the shoot
  • ​How to execute the photoshoot with or without the photographer
  • ​​One secret video that shows how we do photoshoots at TBT
And that's just ONE MODULE.

This Course has SIX MODULES & TWO BONUSES that cover everything from creating a profile, texting structure, setting up the date and executing the date flawlessly!

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Vault 2.0

The Updated Vault is FASTEST & MOST EFFICIENT way to learn game and  GET RESULTS
  • Day Game Manifesto - Attract the kind of girls you want in your life
  • Night Game Manifesto - Dominate Any Club Environment & Avoid Hassles That Come With Night Game
  • Social Game Manifesto - Cultivate, Build & Be A Part of Elite Social Circles
  • ​​Online Dating Manifesto - The Simplest Way to Get Laid & Create Abundance of Women Instantly
  • 7 Secrets to Learn Game Faster (7 Highways to a great dating life)
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The most immersive program from TheBroThing where you'll spend 3 days with TheBroThing's executive coach Arunav and in those three days expect massive transformation!

You will learn how to integrate picking up girls in your everyday life!

You'll get a proven system to meet girls anytime, anywhere!

Watch your own infield videos with Arunav and get realtime feedback for massive improvements in shortest time possible

Within 3 days you'll be able to tackle your fears and deal with social anxiety!

Within 3 days learn the concept of vibing and developing an attractive aura!

Within 3 days start getting numbers and pulling girls!

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