Experience INDIA'S ONLY in-person professional dating coaching structured in for
YOUR MAXIMUM GROWTH in just 3 days!

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Everyone learns in a different manner, some can just read and learn, for some watching helps while some who value their time and want better results, go for in person guidance.

This program is all about transforming your dating life in 3 days according to your lifestyle needs.

From approaching any girl during the day to taking home girls from night clubs, whatever your lifestyle is, our coaches will help you reach your dating goals

You'll learn ...

  • How to approach any girl in any situation,
  • Breakthrough in field exercises that help you solve your approach anxiety,
  • What to say to women,
  • ​Create a connection in first 5 minutes of meeting her,
  • ​How to go beyond rejections and get the results,
  • ​Proven personalised action plan to continue getting results post bootcamp,
  • ​A fashion makeover keeping in your personality and body type in mind,
  • ​And much more ...
You'll be coached for OVER 10 HOURS in field by our coaches acting as your personal mentor providing real time feedback on your approaches so you can improve quicker than anyone. 

We understand, approaching women in India can be scary for some... 

You might think...

  • What if she shouts and disrespects me!? 
  • How will people around react if she rejects me? 
  • What if she thinks I am a creep? 
  • ​What if her friends laugh at me? 
  • ​And the worst... What if she calls the police on me? 

And your concerns are valid ...

The social conditioning in India is unlike any western country and what works in Europe & USA will never work here

To make sure you are successfully able to approach strangers and date women in India, you need to culturally calibrate your moves.

And with our professional help and combined experience of more than 13 years, our coaches are more than capable of helping you get in tune with what kind of approaches work in India and what to do if and when things go wrong.

Our new and improved approach strategies ensure your success with helping you understand what exactly you need to do after approaching a girl to make sure she is attracted to you.

You'll get an exact blueprint for ...

  • Approaching any girl,
  • ​Creating attraction,
  • ​Getting the phone number,
  • ​Setting up dates,
  • ​Going on instant dates,
  • ​Taking the girl back to your place/hotels!

The Day Wise Details:


Aim is to make you self-reliant.

The first day we focus on eradicating most of your fears like approach anxiety and fear of rejection by making you do certain comfort-shattering activities.

We help you find your self-confidence, and empower you with knowledge so that you fear nothing.

We'll teach you the exact steps required by demonstrating and then making you implement it.

Later in the day the instructor will debrief on the next day.


The second day you learn all about communication.

I share the details of a five-step conversational framework so you can spark attraction and connection with any girl without any "gimmics".

You'll also get a deep insight into non-verbal communication and learn about body language, your voice tonality and your facial expressions.

I'll share my personal "CLOSER" strategy for getting numbers, instant dates & pulls.

Later in the day, you will watch YOUR OWN infield as your coach gives you feedback and tells you about the good, the bad and the ugly.


The last day you learn what are your reoccurring self-sabotaging and limiting patterns and habits and you'll understand how to recognize them.

We'll also share how you can immediately snap out of those patterns even while talking to a girl.

And you also get to learn about text game and online dating so you don't miss out on girls because of texting.


You can experience the same results

Join Now @ ₹75,000

You might have doubts ...

Either you are too old or too young, what I personally believe is this is a skill that can be learned by all, and everyone who applied for our live program gets results that are beyond their expectations!

To tell you the truth, I have heard it all, I am too fat, too skinny, too short and I keep saying the same thing over and over again, yes we do work on your grooming however ...

Most men do not understand what women are really attracted too, you might think they love your looks, money or your big house, but ...

The reality is this is 20th century most women are self-sufficient and if they are into materialistic things...

You do not want that type of woman in your life who wants to leach off your money!

My point being, this is a skill that can be learned like any other for example playing the guitar, the piano, etc.

For some of you it might not seem so now, but once you learn the skill you will realize how it can help you in having better relationships with everyone.

This skill of approaching women will lead you into a self-actualization journey where you will grow and become more confident and have a higher self-esteem!

Make your dream dating life a reality ... 

or join Now @ ₹75,000





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