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Our mission, at TheBrothing is to constantly work towards bringing a complete change in the Indian dating scenario and changing the lifestyle of our brothers, thus motivating them to become their best possible self.
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It’s simple. We focus on the bigger picture of developing inner confidence and enhancing a person’s personality by constantly putting him in situations outside of his comfort zone and helping him improve his current self by providing the right guidance, at the right time.

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This is what some of our bootcampers told us about their experience and the results they achieved from it.
Taking the tinder game session was a wonderful experience. After taking the session, 100 matches and a date every weekend has become a reality, when before I had trouble even getting 10 matches.



Not knowing anything about game , I decided to take the program. To my surprise, the structured approach of the team removed my social anxiety and improved my overall social skills.



One of the craziest experiences I had gaming was due to Arunav and Arjun.They practice what they preach,helped me immensely to get out of my comfort zone by display on field, totally worth every penny.



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